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Jack Reed Reps to Rep Bowstring in the South

We’re happy to announce Jack Reed Reps as Bowstring’s sales representation in Texas and throughout the south.

Jack Reed is a Dallas-based, independent rep with more than 25 years’ experience connecting production talent and agencies.

“Jack understands the Bowstring ethos,” says Enrique Mendoza, CEO of Bowstring. “That developing compelling content is mission critical for businesses today of all sizes, and our collaborative, problem-solving approach to content strategy and video creation can be leveraged by all. We’re thrilled to have Jack advocate on behalf of Bowstring.” 

“I’ve always had my eye on the horizon, on the future of this industry. That’s Bowstring,” said Jack. “This is not a traditional production company. They do everything – that’s exciting for me. And they’re relationship builders. That’s how I’ve always done business; I want to be of service, steer you right, and build a relationship. So does Bowstring. We’re a good match.”

Bowstring is also represented by Schaffer Rogers (East Coast), Momentum Reps (Hispanic/Florida), and MoButler Reps (Midwest).