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Bowstring Studios Acquires Koi-Fly Creative

Bowstring has acquired West Chester, PA-based production company Koi-Fly Creative. The acquisition accelerates Bowstring’s plans for StoryCycle, its strategy-led approach to content planning and production which allows for deeper, more strategic relationships with clients.

“It is mission critical that businesses stay on top of the ever-evolving media landscape and produce compelling content for their audiences,” said Bowstring founder and CEO Enrique Mendoza. “For some time, we’ve seen tremendous opportunities to work with our clients on a deeper strategic level – not only meeting existing client needs, but helping our clients see beyond today and think more proactively about content needs in the future. With Koi-Fly, we found synergies in our methods, aesthetic, and client base that meant we could do even more to help our clients by combining our talents and services.

“Our clients will benefit from the resources, technology and team members that will be coming over from Koi-Fly. We are excited to welcome the team led by Stacey Grant and Eric LaCasse, veterans of the production world and master storytellers themselves, as they join our team and bring their unique creative and technical skillset to us for all our clients to leverage,” Enrique added.

“After meeting Enrique and Sean and discussing the possibilities of partnership, we realized that we could do things better together than apart,” said Koi-Fly founder Stacey Grant. “We couldn’t pass that up. Both Koi-Fly’s and Bowstring’s cultures and goals to serve our client partners are so aligned.”

Stacey Grant now serves as Bowstring’s vice president of business development providing leadership internally and guidance to clients as they navigate their strategic content needs. 

Bowstring is excited to take this next step in our journey to help our client community see a strategic path forward for their messaging and content, realize even more efficiencies in their production and identify new opportunities to establish ROI and impact through distribution channels, media planning and more.