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Short order + bowstring = exciting news

We are joining fOrces to harness the power of our creative, strategic and technical expertise under one roof. 

We are extremely excited about this next chapter and our path forward to continue to grow and enhance our strategy-led approach to content development and our content-planning process StoryCycle.

We're building something different and we're thrilled to have our Short Order and Bowstring clients along for the ride. We encourage you to learn about this new venture by reading our announcement here and in the FAQs below. 


For Short Order Clients

Will I still get to work with the team from Short Order?

Yes. One of the reasons we especially love this change is that we will now be able to offer you an even deeper bench of creative teams and strategists across all phases of production. From creative directors, illustrators and writers to designers, directors, editors and more, this change will allow us to provide you and other clients with an even broader set of creative services and deliverables. 

What new things can we expect now that you are part of Bowstring?

We’re excited to enhance our offerings to include additional services and expertise like:

  • Access to Bowstring’s strategic content planning process, StoryCycle 
  • National and international teams to provide best-in-class solutions for global productions 
  • Dedicated account management team 
  • Full production team with large scale commercial experience
  • Larger post-production staff, including video finishing services (Sound Mix, Surround, spatial audio, Color, Roto, Flame and more)
  • Commercial photography team in house, including high-end retouching and finishing
  • Dedicated Animation and CGI team
  • Speciality in multilingual productions (English/Spanish)
  • Specialty services (auto, food, beverage, tech, comedy and more) 
  • DAM services (all your footage in one location, available through secure portal on the cloud)
  • Remote Services and technologies including our Remote Production Studio 
  • Interactive Development team (AR, VR, Touch)
Will I still be able to reach any of the Short Order team during the course of producing my videos?

Yes! If you have questions regarding your project or wish to work with anyone specifically from the Short Order team, contact Matt Sullivan at

Why now?

We’ve known the Bowstring team for many years and after recent meetings we felt like we had a great opportunity to bring our expertise together to continue building upon our vision to develop amazing production infrastructure and enhance approaches to strategic content planning. 

Is there anything I need to do right now?

Nothing for clients to do and Matt and Zach have been in touch with many of you already. We do, however, encourage you to check out Bowstring to get familiar with their work and in-house team. You can visit them through the following channels: 
Instagram: @bowstringstudios
LinkedIn: Bowstring Studios 
Facebook: Bowstring Studios 
Youtube: Bowstring Studios


For Bowstring Clients

This is interesting. What led to this decision?

Bowstring is committed to growing and finding ways to further enhance our capabilities. We saw an opportunity with Short Order to enhance our efforts in internal and corporate communications for brands and we felt there were many synergies to our systems and workflows that could be further enhanced by working together. Combining our talents and services was a no-brainer to move Bowstring forward for all of our client communities.

Will this impact any of my current projects?

No, but we are very excited to introduce you to the new, super talented team members. If you are interested, let’s schedule a time to make an introduction.



Contact Matt

Matt Sullivan
Vice President, Growth
+1 302 354 3306

Book a meeting to learn more.


Enrique Mendoza 
Chief Executive Officer 
+1 610 529 0793 

Book a meeting to learn more.