BOWSTRING is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Koi-Fly Creative

We are extremely excited about this next chapter and our path forward to support continued growth and enhancements to our strategy-led approach to content development.

Whether a Koi-Fly client or a Bowstring client, you now get the benefits of both. We encourage you to learn more about this new venture in the FAQs below.


learn more about this new venture
I’m a Koi-Fly Client
Will I get the same creative brainstorming for concepts and cool ideas that I was used to from Koi-Fly?
Yes. One of the reasons we are excited about this new venture is that we will now be able to offer you an even deeper bench of creative teams and strategists across all phases of production. From creative directors, illustrators and writers to designers, directors, editors and more, this change will allow us to provide you and other clients with an even broader set of creative services and deliverables.
Koi-Fly was nimble, high touch, high quality and ultra responsive. I love that about you. Will I have the same service and attention to detail with a bigger company?
Of course! With more infrastructure, dedicated account leads and creative team members across all projects you can be sure we will not only complete your current project on time and on budget but continue to exceed expectations.
What does Bowstring specifically offer that Koi-Fly doesn't?
The Bowstring team is significantly larger, and offers some additional services and expertise, including:
  • Dedicated Animation and CGI team
  • Larger editorial staff
  • Specialty in multilingual productions (English/Spanish)
  • Full production team with large scale commercial experience
  • Multiple locations for global reach and depth of bench that combines for more cost efficient solutions
  • Dedicated account management team 
  • The StoryCycle process for content planning solutions
  • International infrastructure
  • Commercial photography team in house, including high-end retouching and finishing
  • Specialty services (auto, food, beverage, tech, comedy and more) 
  • Video Finishing Services (Sound Mix, Surround, spacial audio, Color, Roto, Flame and more)
  • DAM services (so you can keep all of your video footage in one place, organized and ready to be edited)
  • Remote Services and technologies including our Remote Production Studio
  • Interactive Development team (AR, VR, Touch)
Will I still be able to reach Stacey and Eric during the course of producing my videos?
Of course! Stacey and Eric will always be available and will remain your main points of contact. But one of the reasons we really love what Bowstring does is just how great they are at connecting with clients to learn what they need and then delivering amazing value and quality.
Why now? You seemed like you were on a roll!
We ARE still on a roll! After meeting with Bowstring’s founders, Sean and Enrique, and discussing the opportunities of partnership, we realized that we could do better things together than apart. We just couldn't pass that up. They have developed an amazing production infrastructure and a deep creative team. Both Koi-Fly’s and Bowstring’s cultures and goals to serve partners like you are so aligned and we are certain that this opportunity is the best path forward. 

You will still get the same service and relationship you appreciated from Koi-Fly with a lot of upsides including always being able to connect with Stacey. That said, we are really psyched for the entire team to meet you so they can share what is even more possible now for your creative and content planning needs.
Where will you be located now?
Koi-Fly’s West Chester Headquarters is now closed and we moved to Bowstring’s headquarters and studio space at 1100 East Hector Street, Suite 103, Conshohocken, PA 19428. To help introduce you to our new home, we plan to have an open house, so look out for an invitation coming soon!
Is Main Line Studios still available?

Yes! You can still visit our studio space for your creative video and photography needs. Bowstring also has an amazing, newly renovated studio as well - so you have your pick! For general information about either location feel free to contact Stacey Grant.

Is there anything I need to do right now?

Nope! We do, however, encourage you to check out Bowstring to get familiar with their work and team. You can visit them through the following channels: 

Instagram: @bowstringstudios

LinkedIn: Bowstring Studios

Facebook: Bowstring Studios

Youtube: Bowstring Studios

I’m a Bowstring Client
This is interesting. What led to this decision?

Bowstring is committed to growing and finding ways to further enhance our capabilities. We found the synergies in our methods, aesthetic and client base with Koi-Fly meant that we could do even more to help our clients. Combining our talents and services was a no-brainer to move Bowstring forward for all of our client communities.

Will this impact any of my current projects?

Nope! We have been working hard to integrate the Koi-Fly team and projects over the past few months and don’t expect any disruption to our current client community.

Is there anything I need to do right now?

We encourage you to “meet” Stacey (on the website now under “Our Team”). Otherwise, we look forward to introducing you to Stacey and Eric and other team members real soon! And for our local friends, we are going to have an open house at the studio soon so stay tuned for the upcoming save the date! 

Questions about the acquisition OR want to chat more?
Let’s do it.
Enrique Mendoza

Enrique Mendoza

CEO & Founder


Stacey Grant

Stacey Grant

Former CEO & Founder, Koi-Fly
VP, Business Development, Bowstring